Dragon Scale Nails With Zoya

I just finished reading Dance With Dragons, the 5th installment in the Song of Ice & Fire series, commonly referred to as Game of Thrones, so I decided to try some dragon scale nails. I found this great post & tutorial from Candy Glaze to get get me started.

My original idea was to do a version in white, cream, & gold to match the description of Viserion, one of the dragons featured in the series. That color combo didn't work out at all; I think a dark base color is need for this technique. I switched to Zoya Kelly for the first color & applied a fairly thick layer then scratched the scale pattern. It's a very easy technique. Next I added a bit of sparkle on the tips of each scale with Zoya Hazel. Finally I added Zoya Kerry into the bare parts where I'd removed Kelly to form the pattern.

I'd call this one semi-successful because I still don't think I've found the right color scheme. The gold was too much but my nails didn't look finished with just the first two steps. Easy enough to try again someday.
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