Zoya Taylor

Zoya Taylor is from their first release for 2014, Zoya Naturel.

Zoya Taylor is a nice shade of khaki but the formula didn't work well for me at all. Shown here at 2 coats, it was stringy, streaky & didn't self level at all. Adding a topcoat didn't help as you can see in my pictures. I normally love Zoya polishes & I haven't seen others having the same issue with the formula that I've had. I'm going to pass this one along to a friend though since I have other neutral that I have better formulas in the same color family like Cho, Farah, & Jacqueline.
Thanks for reading!

This polish was sent to me for review. All opinions are my own & were not influenced by Zoya! For more information you can read my disclosure policy.


  1. too bad the formula didn't work out, it looked like a pretty color in the bottle :/

  2. I guess I have to pass on this one too. Its too light. I guess I would rather go for other colors like the normani.


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