CoverGirl Salt Water Taffy

This is only my second CoverGirl polish and I won't be getting any more unless they change the cap/brush handle. (I actually don't think they are currently producing any polishes.) I love square and rectangular bottles but I really hate the square cap/brush handle. When you wipe off excess polish on your brush you also flatten it out a bit and I kept having to hold the cap awkwardly to get the flat side onto my nail. It really drove me nuts the second time which is really too bad because Salt Water Taffy is an awesome color!

CoverGirl Salt Water Taffy is shown here at 3 coats and has a pretty good formula for a super pale cream polish. I thought this polish ended up being a bit of chameleon, looking off white in some light and like the palest of pistachio greens at other times. Overall a pretty unique and good polish if you can handle the square cap which I'm sure wouldn't bother everyone as much as it bothered me. I actually tried taking the square part off after someone suggested that it might be removable with a regular handle underneath like some other square bottles but no luck!

Thanks for reading!


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