Distressed Nails Inspired By Chalkboard Nails

I keep a Pinterest board filled with great nail art by others so I can find something new to try out quickly. I've been wanting to try the impeccable Chalkboard Nails' Distressed tutorial for quite some time and I'm so glad I finally did!

For my version I used some pretty polishes by Lime Crime - Crema De Limon, Peaches Cream, & Pastelchio for the base colors. The tutorial starts over a white background but I was in a hurry so I decided to risk just adding the colors right on my base coat. It's a very easy technique that you can't really mess up. I did each color separately on all fingers and then went back with the fist color to fill in any bare looking bits.

Next I added Essie Little Brown Dress for the dark color on top. The overall effect is similar to crackle polishes (which I still love!) but you have much more control. Great tutorial from Chalkboard Nails as always; I can't wait to try this with different color combinations!

Thanks for reading!


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