Pretty Pink Nails With Zoya

Every now and then I must use a polish that I can apply in one coat and doesn't need a topcoat because I need to get out the door soon. I always go to my blog to look at my one coat wonder category and this time I landed on Zoya Bobbi. What a great polish! Truly looks spectacular after one coat that practically applies itself with no clean up needed. No topcoat either since it's a foil and dries very quickly.
The next day I added an accent nail in Zoya Ginni for a pretty mixed texture Valentine's Day look. Lovely!
I love my giant socks from Sock Dreams so much. I'm 6' tall and these go ALL the way up and stay there.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Awww...this is such a beauty indeed! I so love what you did here. Perfect for Valentines!


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