Revlon For Valentine's Day

Here are some quick and easy Valentine's Day nails for you. I started with a base of Revlon Spice It Up and then added a layer of Revlon Sparkling to most of my nails. Revlon Sparkling is a clear base with small circle and medium hex glitter in a nice rosey pink, not my style but pretty. I'm not usually a fan of most glitter toppers though. I added a large heart of Revlon sparkling for an accent nail. Pretty manicure even if it's a bit out of my comfort zone.

Thanks for reading!


  1. This is such a beauty! I love the base color and the glitters on it. This is a must try indeed...maybe Valentine's day.

  2. That is a great combo. I like the bigger glitter pieces in with the small ones. It adds interest.


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