June 17, 2011

Strange Beautiful Anthropologie (Aged Chartreuse)

I've had a cold all week so I've been unable to paint my nails. So here we have my sister Ashley's nails and one of her all time favorite polishes!

Strange Beautiful sold these very odd but lovely polish sets exclusively at Anthropologie. You have to use each polish with the other one still attached. I thought this would be difficult or weird but I think it actually made polishing my nails easier. I didn't have to do any clean up at all! It basically just means you have a really long brush handle.

These colors don't have names, just "color inspirations". I find this a bit pretentious but that's ok because I also love that the company wasn't afraid to try something unique. This color was called Aged Chartreuse. Ashley wears this odd color all the time and it looks fabulous! I know lots of people hate these weird colors, but this one works great as a funky neutral for her.
You can see the set that Ashley got me here.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I don't think I've ever seen a color like that! It's definitely odd but I'm strangely drawn to it.. Also, just wanted to pop by and tell you I tagged you with the Top 10 award on my blog if you'd like to fill it out. :)