February 16, 2012

OPI Pink Shatter, Two Looks

I still love crackle polishes & I probably always will. I rarely keep my nails the same for more than 3 days in a row, but occasionally I just don't have time to completely start fresh. If my nails are looking chipped or have tip wear & I'm in a rush, I always reach for a crackle. They dry quickly, are virtually foolproof, & easily cover any wear that I want to hide.

That being said, OPI Pink Shatter didn't win me over on my first try when paired with The Painted Nail by Nubar OMG Gorgeous. It dried matte & just seemed kind of weak & washed out. The formula was fine but very sheer for a crackle.
I wanted to give it another try before I gave up on it & I'm so glad I did. I layered it over Maybelline New Year's Blues with almost no expectations. The results were quite amazing. I think this combination would be a good start for some galaxy nails which I still haven't successfully done yet.
Thanks for reading!


  1. I had problems with the pink shatter too! And with the turquoise shatter! I like the combo with the dark blue though!

  2. Thank you for following my blog! You have really beautiful hands, especially for one who works with concrete every day!!

  3. Thanks Steve! I wear gloves & I have Will to help me with the heavy lifting.

  4. I'm not over crackle yet either :-)