Random Concrete

My blog is called Concrete & Nail Polish because I make concrete for a living. Mostly countertops & tabletops. Sometimes we have extra concrete & we make little fun random things like this. I have a concrete tag if you'd like to see more or you can check out my website.
Thanks for reading!


  1. That's really pretty! What is the design? I can't quite tell... it looks like there might be a snake (although it looks more like sperm to me!). :D

  2. Thanks ladies!
    Ha! I should have reoriented the photo. The snakes (or sperm!) are actually flags. If you tilt your head to the right you can just make out a ship in the center of circle. It ended up out in my yard as a stepping stone.

  3. OHHHHH!!! I tilted my head the wrong way, so it didn't make sense before I commented. Now that I tilted the other way, I totally see the ship and water! Whew... no spermy stepping stones in your yard! :D

  4. I always wondered why it was called that-- I just thought it was cool name!


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