March 3, 2014

Elizabeth Arden Chelsea Heather

I picked up Elizabeth Arden Chelsea Heather while browsing the shelves of a tiny beauty supply store. I'm a sucker for square & rectangle bottles. I wish all polish came in non round bottles actually. They fit together so much nicer for storage. 

On to the polish, Elizabeth Arden Chelsea Heather is a muted purple shimmer with a mild turquoise duochrome effect. A pretty color that applied easily but not very flattering with my skin tone. I'll be passing this bottle along to a friend.

If you'd like a bottle for yourself, I've just opened a little storefront with various brand new polishes I've picked up over the years. Sometimes I see a closeout deal & I just can't help myself!

Thanks for reading!


  1. A very original duochrome... I love it! ♥

  2. Love it! I super love this color. Its not too light and not too dark. Its a perfect purple nail color. Great choice!