Zoya Song & Sally Hansen Antique Gold Crackle

I liked Sally Hansen Antique Gold Crackle so much that I've wanted to try it on everything. Here it is over one coat of Zoya Song. I love this color combination!

If you'd like a bottle of Sally Hansen Antique Gold for yourself, I've just opened a little storefront with various brand new polishes I've picked up over the years. Sometimes I see a closeout deal & I just can't help myself!

Thanks for reading!


  1. It adds so much sparkle and it look almost antique.
    I am no fan of crackle nail polishes, but this combination is original and super cool.l

    1. Thanks MC! I just tried this one over a pretty purple & it makes me think of pretty Victorian era fainting couches. I'll be posting it sometime in the near future.


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