Isadora Sapphire & Layering With Sinful Hottie

This is 2 coats of Isadora Sapphire. It looks very pretty in the bottle but it just ended up looking like a black creme on my nails most of the time. Nice application but this one isn't making it into my polish rotation.

I put one coat of Sinful Hottie over this manicure and it looks gorgeous! If you like glitter, you must get Sinful Hottie! You can see it layered over China Glaze Adore here.

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  1. Too bad the blue doesn't show on the nail. It's pretty with the glitter though!

  2. Ok, that might just be the coolest dress in the world! LOVE!

  3. How many coats of the glitter did you use? If it's only 1 that's amazing!

  4. This color is gorgeous on you. And I LOVE Sinful's Hottie as a layering polish. Its one of my go-to's just for that purpose. It totally changes your Isadora Sapphire and gives you two fabulous and separate looks!

  5. I love this layering combination. Starry, starry nails.

  6. Oooh, I do love that! Fabulous!


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