Color Club Feel The Beat

I've had Color Club Feel the Beat for a long time and used it a few times but never posted pictures somehow. I'm not a big red polish fan but I like this one quite a bit because it reminds me of Christmas ornaments for some reason. Great formula too. I think this red orange shimmer would look good under a black crackle polish for a cooling lava look!

Thanks for reading!


  1. It's an orange-y red, yes? Looks almost orange to me. Very nice.

  2. Yea! Put some black crackle on it! Your nails are looking so beautiful! :)

  3. Definitely put some crackle on it.... that would look wicked!

  4. Gorgeous color on you. I love CC lacquers. :)

  5. Such a pretty color!

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  6. I love this shade! I really want to try red crackle polish on top, it really would look like lava.. maybe red AND black! Oh now I'm inspired :)


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