Weekly Giveaway Roundup

I love giveaways. Each week I'll post giveaways that I think are awesome! I'm trying to catch any giveaway that has nail polish & I always post them on the Monday before they close. I figure some publicity towards the end of the entry period is a good idea, so don't worry that I've forgotten yours if I don't post it immediately! On the other hand, I know that I will occasionally miss a giveaway or two. If I miss yours, please know that it was accidental and nothing personal!

  • Never Enough Nails is giving away China Glaze Crackle Concrete!! Hurry, ends tonight!!
  • Glitta Gloves is giving away the China Glaze Crackle Collection!! Ends 3/23.
  • A Polish Problem is giving away 2 incredible prizes; each includes a Lippmann glitter!!! Ends 3/24.
  • A Carolina Nutshell is giving away Essie Cute As A button & more! Ends 3/27.
  • Keenly Kristin is giving away a $50 Apothica GC!! Ends 3/26.
  • Manicured Monkey is giving away 4 Island Girl polishes & lots more!! Ends 3/27.
  • Body & Soul is giving away the 4 piece OPI Femme De Cirque Soft Shades Collection!! Ends 3/27.
  • Mammamoiselle is giving away a $25 Apothica GC!! Ends 3/28.
  • I'm giving away a $55 store credit to my new store, Medusa's Threads!! Ends 4/8.
  • Nouveau Cheap is giving away Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess Perfume Oil! Hurry, ends tonight!
  • Beau-licious is giving away lots of makeup! Ends 3/26.
  • Green Eyed Monster is giving away a CROW Big Fantastic Watch in your choice of colors! I love these! Ends ??
  • Green Eyed Monster is giving away a $50 Karla Wheeler GC!! Gorgeous jewelry! Ends ??
  • Polish Galore is giving away some Ginger Kitty goodies! Ends 3/23.
Please feel free to post your giveaways in the comments of the Weekly Giveaway Roundup posts! Let's keep them all on these posts and not on regular posts.
Thanks for reading!


  1. I have my 100 follower giveaway, it started today and ends April 14th!
    I'm giving away the China Glaze Island Escape set!

  2. http://lakieroholiczka.blogspot.com/2011/03/rebel-nails-giveaway.html my giveaway - please, add it to THIS POST, cause it ends soon ;)

  3. Hi Orlica! I was planning on putting yours in ext Mondays post since it doesn't end until 41/ according to your site. Have you changed the end date? If so, I'll add it to this post right away! It's a great giveaway!

  4. I love that you do this! It really helps keep us informed! thanks so much! I'm having a giveaway as well!

  5. No, it ends April 1st, so no problem, thanks :)

  6. I have a giveaway going on! :) http://polishondigitalpaper.blogspot.com/2011/03/spring-cleaning-giveaway.html


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