NYC 233 & A Question About Future Giveaway Roundup Posts

This is 2 coats of NYC 233 that I picked up in a 2 pack from the Dollar Tree. I love tdeals like that because I would never even notice this color own it's own but I really love it. Gorgeous hot pink creme with a nice formula and wide brush (I love wide brushes) all for .50! Yay!
I know many of you look forward to my Weekly Giveaway Roundup. I intend it to be a one stop resource for those wanting to enter nail polish giveaways without spending a lot of time finding them or having to enter them the first time you see them.
I've been meaning to update the way I structure the post for a few weeks but can't quite decide what would be the most useful. I want to start including who can enter, but I want it to be in a quickly digestible form. I'm also thinking of listing them by day instead of by type.
I know it's easier to recognize a giveaway if I include a picture for each one, but I tried it once and it would have taken me a whole day to collect them all and get in the post, not to mention it would be huge! So I'm going to keep it in a simple bullet point format but maybe with different organization and a little more info.
Any suggestions are welcome! How do you use this post? How can I make it better without adding pictures.

I'll be adding more polishes to my new store, Medusa's Threads, on Tuesday. Thanks to everybody who has ordered! I'm almost out of the Tic Tac's already! I'll be announcing a giveaway for a $75 Gift card to Medusa's Threads very soon too.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I really like the giveaway roundup and think it's really great as is! I appreciate you taking the time to set up each post as I have found many new blogs from it!

  2. I really appreciate what you're doing!

    And I think you should do it the way that is the easiest for you.

  3. i love finding gems like this, especially at the dollar tree! looks great!

    IMO you should keep your roundup how youve been doing it.. let the readers pick through and discover new blogs and prizes, you did it once and dont need to go through a 2nd time for anyone else!


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