Today's manicure was inspired by this great poster. I decided to go with a pure white background though. I used Sation Snow White, Sation Overdressed Party, & Pure Ice French Kiss. Pretty happy with this one!
Thanks for reading!


  1. What happened to Weekly Giveaway Roundup? :( You're killin me! hahah

    1. Oh man, I was hoping no one would notice! I finally had to make the decision to stop that post. There are so many nail blogs now that I just can't keep up. I realized that the post was taking me almost 2 full days which is a ridiculous amount of time for one post that I wasn't sure anyone was reading anyway. I've felt much calmer & less stressed & now I actually have time to enter giveaways again!

    2. Aww thanks so much for explaining! I completely understand as a blogger/Youtuber, but those posts made my week every Monday hahaha I entered every single one and now I feel lost :P


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