Layering With Zoya Zuza & The Painted Nail By Nubar OMG Gorgeous

Just a quick post with a pretty layered manicure. Zoya Zuza layered with one coat of The Painted Nail by Nubar OMG Gorgeous & topped off with a coat of ManGlaze Matte-astrophe. I love matte glitter!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Super cool - looks futuristic!

  2. Awesome combo, I love teal & purple together and I love matte glitter so I love this!

  3. So pretty! :) I've noticed you don't do the weekly giveaway roundup anymore. is there a reason? I liked having an easier way to access the giveaways :)

    1. Sadly I had to decide to stop doing those posts because of time constraints. There are just so many awesome nail blogs these days that I could no longer keep up. I was spending almost 2 full days at the computer & that just isn't reasonable. I felt tied to the computer & I have a lot of new concrete projects in the works right now. Thanks so much for the kind words. Maybe I'll be able to find a way to work a version of the post back into my schedule in the future.

    2. oh, ok. that makes sense :) still glad to see you're updating your blog still!

  4. Whoa! This is so cool looking! Thanks for sharing this combo. :D


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