Quick Thoughts About Zoya Irresistible & Stunning

Zoya has hit it out of the park with this year's summer collections, Irresistible & Stunning.

Irresistible includes 6 shades of  foil metallics that are incredible at catching & reflecting even the smallest amount of light. All opaque in two coats.
From left to right - Amy, Bobbi, Hazel, Kerri, Rikki, Tinsley

Stunning consists of 6 cheery summer cremes. They are all super pigmented & there are at least a few one coat wonders in this set. Darcy, the yellow creme is my new favorite yellow of all time with a truly superior formula.
From left to right - Darcy, Josie, Micky, Rocky, Thandie, Yana

I'll be featuring these colors in lots of manicures very soon!
Zoya's biggest promotion of the year, The Earth Day Polish Exchange, is happening through April 26th. It's a fantastic way to properly dispose of some old polish & replace them with new pretties for half price! You can check out all the details by clicking the picture below.


  1. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be getting Mickey, Thandie, and Tinsley.


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