Sponged Layering With Zoya Apple & Zoya Vespa

I tried this technique a few days ago & I couldn't wait to try it again. The results aren't as dramatic as last time but still very pretty!

For this manicure I started with my Zoya Vespa nails from yesterday. I added a thin layer of Zoya Apple & then used a makeup sponge to take off most of that layer leaving behind the gorgeous golden flecks & intensifying the green. Gorgeous & super, super easy. I think this technique would work with some of Zoya's other shimmer polishes like Fei Fei.or Faye.
You can see the golden difference between my left pointer & the rest in this shot.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Ooh pretty sparkles! Green is my color. That looks like peridot.

  2. That's gorgeous ! And it gives me an idea how I can use the concrete effect polishes that I hated so much ;-)


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