Milani Blue Flash & Purple Gleam Are Accidental Texture Polishes!

When I tried the amazing Zoya Pixie Dusts I noticed the formulas reminded me of two older Milani polishes that I love, Purple Gleam & Blue Flash. If you read my earlier blog posts, I mention that they dry matte & gritty. Since the texture craze hadn't started yet, I added two coats of topcoat & took my photos. Anyway, I pulled them out to see how they compared to my Pixie Dusts & you can see the results for yourself. Now I have an amazing dark purple & a lovely blue to add to my sparkly textured polish collection. Purple Gleam & Blue Flash are One Coat Glitters from Milani's Rockstar Heavy Glitter Collection & it looks like there might be a few more accidental Pixie Dust type polishes in there!
Thanks for reading!


  1. yup. i wore the gunmetal one like this without topcoat. so sparkly!

    1. Excellent! I might try to pick up the others since I love this finish so much!

  2. Cool..I think I actually have those.


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