January 4, 2015

New Year's Eve Nails

I had lots of fun this New Year's Eve! My friends and I made it to four parties. It was super cold and one event was a pajama party so I decided to wear my fancy velvet nightgown with pockets for the evening. Another party had a hilarious glamour shots photo booth setup and since I was wearing pajamas I decide I'd better kick things up a notch or three with my makeup and nails.

The nails were an easy choice for me. I went with Zoya Dovima with random bits of Zoya Cosmo. I absolutely love the combination of a matte polish with Cosmo which looks like crushed up diamonds! Perfect high glam nails that were lightning fast to do and got lots of attention throughout the night.
My makeup was much more challenging since I've never really worn much mainly because I don't know how. My sister Ashley recently suggested that I watch some of makeup artist Lisa Eldridge's videos and I'm so thankful she did! I found the perfect inspiration for a silly night on the town when anything goes in this video tutorial. I skipped the fake eyelashes and didn't go quite as dramatic with the eyeliner but even stripped down this look was way out of my comfort zone but oh so much fun! Everyone loved the stars on my cheek. All in all a great way to ring in 2015.
Glamour Shot!
Bonus Glamour Shot of my awesome boyfriend Will.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Very unique! Love how they turned out ~

    1. Thanks Freshie! So glad you're still blogging like me! We've been around forever now!

  2. Love your nails, and your makeup is so on point! I don't know if I would've had the guts. :D It looks like you had a pretty kick ass time. :)