Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers - Black Magic

Just a quick post to let you know that the Wet n Wild Halloween displays are here! There is an orange/gold glitter, a red shimmer, a black creme ( I think), a white glow in the dark and the one I chose, Black Magic. This is my first bar glitter polish and I'm not sure what I think. The bottles are super cute with little R.I.P. tombstones for caps. Black Magic is a clear base with multi-color small bar glitter. Green, gold, red, blue, orange
and purple from what I can tell. not sure if there are any new colors or if they are all repeats like Black Magic.


  1. I really like Black Magic! My boyfriend actually gave me "I really like that" input when I wore it over Nocturnal (wet n wild craze collection)! I like how you're wearing it with a white and dark polish!

  2. My boyfriend hates it! He says it looks "hairy". I suppose he has a point...

  3. I've seen some Halloween displays up around here, but no nail polish yet! I keep looking, hopefully that will show up this week too. I love the bar glitter, actually! It looks really neat over black.

  4. I definitely want that one! I would love to have such colorfully "hairy" nails. I like how you are rockin' that, looks fantastic.

  5. I Googled "Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers" and stumbled upon this page, so I'm not familiar with your blog. I apologize in advance for the PG-13 comments I'm about to make if that's abnormal for the normal atmosphere here..

    I bought the glow in the dark one, and I love it! I was afraid it would make my fingernails turn a semen-cream color (lol), but it's actually pretty clear. There's a slight milkiness that isn't really noticeable until you look up close. It's kind of silly, but it's fun to see yourself glow at night. I sort of want to see how it will affect handjobbing my boyfriend, too. lol I'm sure it will at least produce some laughter. =P

  6. K, I never thought of that..lol! I guess my man is gonna have to be a guinea pig in a little glow in the dark experiment. ;)


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