China Glaze Spontaneous & Giveaway Roundup

Firs of all today I would like to thank Nivipa for tagging us in the 10 random facts post that has been going around! We are very new to the awesome world of nail polish blogging and don't have a lot of time to comment on others blogs nearly as much as we would like, so it was really nice of her to make us feel included. Thanks again! We will do a 5 random things about each of us post very soon.
Ok. China Glaze Spontaneous is a lovely nail polish! Purple creme that I would describe as the purple version of an orange creamsicle (hope that makes sense!) This is 2 coats with Nail Tek II Foundation on the ring and pinky for a matte effect. I prefer a glossy finish on this one though. I love it!

Give away Roundup (I only post ones I think are particularly sweet!)


  1. I love Spontaneous and I agree with you the glossy finish in this one is way better!


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