Halftone Konadicures & A Giveaway Roundup

These 2 manicures happened because I just wasn't happy with my french manicure Konad plate #45. Turns out I don't really love the effect of any of these by themselves so far. And lets face it, I am also still pretty bad at placing the stamp in exactly the right place. So I was just playing around and this is what happened. They both remind me of the halftone filter on photoshop. I probably won't be doing anything like either of these again, but I though I might post them anyway. The base for the first photo is Zoya Pasha. The rest of the pictures are over China Glaze Spontaneous.

Giveaway Roundup!
Thanks for reading!


  1. I really like that mani, I love the randomness of the dots and how they give such a cool effect. Thank you for mentioning my giveaway too; I really appreciate it!

  2. I think both manicures are gorgeous! The second looks like an exotic snakeskin. Beautiful.

  3. Oooh, that IS cool! I love it. I have a halftone filter I use in PSP too, it definitely reminds me of that!

  4. Thanks for mentioning my giveaway. I have three going on right now! (Insane I know but I love my readers :o)

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    24 x 36" Vinyl Banner with Grommets

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