N.Y.C. Taxi Yellow

This is a really pretty yellow, but was a pain to apply.
This is 4 coats and it was still very streaky. It also took a long time to dry.
I think I had to re-do this manicure because I messed it up.
It was also the base I used for my first Konad.


  1. Hi, It's so bright and lemony. Yikes...4 coats,that's a pain in the butt!

  2. Four coats is a lot! It is really pretty though!

  3. Yellows are so awesome, but such a pain! You make it look good though!

    I tagged you on my blog!

  4. Oooh, I was wondering about this yellow, I keep passing it by but looking at it. I was afraid it would be a pain. It is lovely though!

  5. Very pretty on you. Major pain doing 4 coats. I have many yellows of all different shades. I can skip buying this one.


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