Finally, 10 facts about us.

Sorry it took us so long to get this post done. We're busy girls. We were tagged to do a "10 random facts about us" post by Lacquer Lane and Nivipa.
Since there's two of us we're going to just do 5 each.
1. I love my dog Wally-Thor (a.k.a. Wally, Wobbles, & Wobblers) . I found him on the street. He had a rope tied around his neck, no fur on his back half and he had been abused. I didn't even think I liked dogs and now he is my favorite thing in the whole world!

Wally a few days after I found him.

And now he's the happiest dog!

2. I am in the process of starting my own concrete design business. Here's a picture of me mixing concrete. You can check out our stuff here.

3. I'm 6' tall but still love to wear heels. Here's my current favorite pair.

4. I have arranged my closet with all bottoms (pants, skirts, dresses, jeans) on one side and tops on the other. Everyday I put on the first bottom and then start trying on the first top. Now of course, not every shirt goes with every top; I go through 10 shirts and if none will work, I move on to the next bottom in the queue. I don't have to think about what I want to wear very hard with this method. I also cycle through all of my clothes frequently which saves me from having a bunch of unworn items just hanging around. If you don't like to decide what to wear in the morning or you always have unused clothes in your closet, give it a try!

5. I've always been a picky eater. I have an issue with textures. I've never eaten seafood and probably never will. I'm much better now at trying stuff than I used to be, but still not adventurous. Everybody thinks I'm strange because I mutilate my eggs when I cook them. I have to chop them up a lot and I like them browned. I'll never be able to go to a restaurant and order scrambled eggs.

6. I am a huge fan of soccer. Especially watching the English Premiership. April and I went to the World Cup in 2006. We spent two weeks in Rome and two weeks in Germany where the world cup was taking place. Two of my favorite teams are Manchester United and the Portuguese National Team. It makes me really sad because I don't get to watch it much anymore since I don't have cable and I work a lot. I try to follow it online as much as possible though.

7. Jewelry and shoes are two of my favorite items. If I had lots of money I would have tons! I would like to start making jewelry in the future. I have lots of ideas for designs.

8. Purchasing a car has never been a major priority for me so far. I live just a few minutes from where I work, so I'm able to walk and ride the bus just about everywhere. And I love it. I would like to live in a city that has better public transportation though. I recently acquired a bike, and I'm going to start riding it to work.

April & Ashley
9 & 10. This one applies to the both of us.
We love Jif Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter. It's probably not a stretch to say that it's kept both of us alive over the years since we're such picky eaters. We even took a jar with us to Europe!


  1. I love your facts! Did you like Munich?! I went for work last year and I absolutely loved it...then again, I love beer and soft pretzels, so it was a good fit :) Best of luck with your concrete business. I've seen some of your work here and there through the blog and it's so cool!

  2. We did love Munich! Somewhere there is a video of the 2 of us eating a giant pretzel and drinking a giant beer at the Hofbrauhaus as fast as we possibly can.

  3. I would love to be so tall! I second that, good luck with your concrete business. There's so many things that are now made with concrete that wasn't before. That's also wonderful what you did for the dog. I don't understand how people can be so cruel. Must've been wonderful to be in Europe for 4 weeks. Loved getting to know more about you.

  4. love the facts, :) I am new follower


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