I love Halloween! I want to know what you ladies are going to do this year.

Are you dressing up yourself? Your pets? Your children? I want pictures of any costumes that you thought turned out great.
Carving pumpkins?
Decorating your house for trick or treaters?

If you want to dress up, but are stuck for ideas, Beauty Newbie has tons of MAC Halloween facecharts. I did a simplified version of the very last one a couple of years ago and I really loved the effect. Plus it only took about 10 minutes and was easy to maintain throughout the day.

I also had the third annual pumpkin carving party at my house over the weekend. The results were awesome. I wasn't feeling inspired, but Ashley told me she would dump the rotten pumpkin guts on me if I didn't carve one. (One of Ashley's pumpkins was really gross and smelly for some reason.) So I just did the fastest thing I could think of. I still think he is cute though.

My awesome boyfriend Will is a pumpkin carving master! These are all his.

He used power tools to help create last years Parasite Pumpkin!

And this year he went all out and made a pumpkin that shoots blood out of it's head! (it has a fountain pump)

Thanks for reading ladies and please send me photos of your pumpkins and costumes! They make me happy!


  1. Your pumpkin is adorable. I like that variety, it looks ghostly. Will did a fantastic job. Squirting blood is amazing! I've had my living room decorated since the beginning of October. I will be giving out candy to the little monsters. Can't wait, I love to see all the little ones dressed up.

  2. Wow! that makeup look is Fabulous! Fantastic job!

    and goodness you guys are creative! I LOVE your pumpkin! he's so cute!

  3. Love the pumpkins! I love halloween and normally go all out but this year has had to many set backs, so I have no plans yet.

  4. The pumpkins are amazing!!!

    My Halloween is kinda meh this year. I have to work and ESPN's College Game Day will be in town for the big USC/Oregon game on Saturday night.

    That said, I will be dressing up at work as a Pirate Duck. Pictures to come.

  5. A pirate duck?!?!?! You have to send me pictures or I will die of curiosity!


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