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This is a non-related nail polish post today. For the record we have never received any freebies or payment of any kind from this website. We wanted to tell everybody about our favorite online clothing store - Tulle4Us.com. April found this website through one of her most trusted blogs, Lifehacker about 6 months ago in their Gadget & Gear Deals of the Day post. We saw a red pea coat for $6.99 and Ashley decided to get one since they have FREE RETURN SHIPPING! This purchase far exceeded our hopes, great quality, nice fabric, and as you can see below the coat is gorgeous ! $6.99! We signed up for Tulle's newsletter and discovered that the first Tuesday of every month is Tulle's Day, a 24 hour sale with a small assortment of their beautiful clothes at ridiculously low prices.

We've purchased things every month since then and are continually amazed by the super nice quality and unique styling. Our only wish is that their pants and skirts came in larger sizes! Now all three Brooks sisters look forward to this sale with baited breath. Yes there are 3 of us, April, Alisa & Ashley! We just haven't been able to get Alisa to start wearing nail polish. Yet.

Here are just a few of our favorite items! We could spend a few days taking pictures of all of the amazing things we've gotten. Let us know if you want to see more! And check out the sale which starts tonight at midnight PST. They will have 11 items priced between $5.99 & $8.99. The sale is not advertised on the website. Just go to the sale section and sort by price with lowest price first and you will find the super specials. Check out the rest of the site as well!
Thanks for reading.

This red coat was the first purchase. I love it a lot.
It's so well made and it only cost me $11 including shipping!

We call these the Art Deco shirts.

April & I wearing our matching dresses, which we would never do in real life. These dresses have pockets! Yay!

Puff sleeves! Lots of Tulle's shirts have them and we think they are very flattering.

The gingham shirt came in black and green and of course I got both colors.
I love them both a lot and have already worn them quite a bit.

April is wearing her favorite Tulle purchase in this one. Crazy dress! We think it looks super expensive.


  1. I ordered a pair of pants, the cool yellow corduroy jacket with the funky sleeves and the long swirl dress! I forgot to say that everything in these pictures cost between $5-$9 for each piece!

  2. What a cute blog you two have here! Thanks for the recipe--that gingerbread sounds divine and I am so going to make it. Yum. :)


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