American Apparel California Trooper

Today I'm revisiting one of my top five favorite polishes, American Apparel California Trooper. I haven't used it in a few years so I wanted to see if I still love it and I sure do! American Apparel polishes have my all time favorite bottle, thin and rectangular, which makes them line up oh so nicely for storage. California Trooper isn't currently available on American Apparel's site but they have a ton of colors I would love to own. I might have to ask for some this Christmas.

Do you guys have any favorite American Apparel polishes?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I just got my first AA polishes, Hassid and 7th & Alameda. I really like them! Good wear time and beautiful colors.

  2. I've got Hassid and I just looked up 7th & Alameda. It looks pretty; I love grey creme polishes!


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