Zoya Loredana

Zoya Loredana is from their Matte Velvet collection!
Zoya Loredana is a medium charcoal grey matte shimmer. This collection is meant to be worn without base or top coat and is shown here at 3 thin coats. Loredana is very sheer and streaky on the first coat but applies easily and is completely opaque and streak free by the third coat. 

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Dovima from this set didn't last very long with minor tip wear within 24 hours but Loredana fared much better. I wore Loredana for 3 VERY active days setting up for my annual pumpkin carving party and during the party itself with no chipping and only very minor tip wear. Excellent for a matte polish & another winner from Zoya!

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  1. This is such a beauty! I super love the color and I find it classy too. A must try indeed!


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