Easy Halloween Nails With Zoya

I love Halloween! Here are the simple nails I wore for my 7th Annual Potluck, Power Tools, & Pumpkins party last weekend. I started with a base of Zoya Loredana, added a thick stripe down the center of each nail in Zoya Dovima, and finished them off with Xs in Zoya Destiny. (Destiny is so stunning!)
I've got a few pictures of some of our decorations too. If you've ever thought about trying out Martha Stewart's witch curtain idea, go for it! Super easy, cheap and you can work on them while watching tv. I love to watch them blowing in the wind. The skull stepping stone is a permanent fixture that I made 2 years ago. The red eyeball is 7 feet in diameter and painted on a round tablecloth for Dollar Tree!  We drew some eyes on ping pong balls for the creepy wreath. Do you decorate for Halloween? I'd love to see some pictures!

Thanks for reading!


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