February 26, 2010

China Glaze New Day

I picked this up in our favorite crazy nail polish store (one for me and one for our giveaway). China Glaze New Day is a dusty with a silver cap but I can't find it anywhere on the China Glaze website. Anybody know more about this one? I've been looking for cornflower blues lately so I was immediately drawn to this one when I saw it in the dusty bin. I would call it a cornflower blue frost. The formula was a little difficult and this is three coats.

Have you entered all three of our giveaways yet? Ashley & I worked hard to make the instructions clear and easy to follow. What do you think of the form? We went with this method for a lot of reasons. It protects you email address and it automatically puts each entry into a google spreadsheet that I can sort anyway I wish. This makes finding cheaters much simpler and also greatly simplifies using a random number generator to pick the winner since each entry is already in a numbered spreadsheet.

Anyway, thanks for reading!


  1. that's a great color on you! =D

  2. I really liked the form, I think it's probably a more efficient way of running contests.

    This is a great colour as well :)

  3. this is beautuful! reminds me why i love blues so much... it is on the giveaway, isn't it? loved. just loved.