Jewelry & Makeup Giveaways With Less Than 55 Entries

These are 4 incredible giveaways that I REALLY thought you ladies should know about. All of the bloggers hosting these giveaways seem like a whole lot of fun too! It makes me so happy to find cool blogs! All of these are ending soon so don't delay!
  1. This first giveaway is great for those of you who want to experiment with frankening your own nail polishes. My Beauty Feeds is giving away her pigments stash with over 40 pigment samples! Only 34 entries so far!
  2. Words cannot express how cute the necklace up for grabs in this giveaway is! Go look at the Happy Sloth Necklace for yourself. Did you look? Doesn't his little face make you happy too? You have a chance to win him for yourself from Steals, Deals & Heels. Only 52 entries!
  3. This giveaway is not really something I want for myself, but the blog is so cute and the prize really is incredible even if it's not my style. The adorable RibbonyBoo is giving away a really nice bracelet from Kate Spade!!! Really creative giveaway too! So far only 40 entries. I bet some of you could come up with some great entries!
  4. Have any of you heard of Lime Crime or Lipstick Queen? Both of these lines look incredible. I can't believe the crazy color choices!!! Check out the giveaway from DoeDeere if you like your makeup wild & loud!
I hope that some of you find these interesting! Please let me know if you end up entering because sharing makes me happy!

Thanks for reading!
April Brooks


  1. OO thank you :)))!"! entered 1 of them. Some of them are only available to US residents. =]please take a look round my blog. i love writing beauty reviews :)!! follow please if you likes because this will keep me motivated to write more reviews :)!! thank you!! :X x


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