Wet N Wild Rustic & A Giveaway Roundup

This is 3 coats of Wet N Wild Rustic. I love it! Not quite copper brown shimmer.

Giveaway Roundup
You still have one more day to enter my UPrinting giveaway for 250 custom stickers or labels. Look through the entries so far at all of the things people might do with this prize if they win! Be sure you've entered the nail polish giveaways at Naive Nails (#4) & You've Got Nail (#10) & enter #5! I LOVE Novica!!!!
  1. Win Adea Italian Lingerie from Jaebumfangirl. Hurry ends tonight!
  2. Win a pair of V-Moda Faze Headphones from the Funky Monkey. Hurry ends tonight!
  3. Win the item of your choice from Downeast & Tangled & True. Hurry ends tonight!
  4. Win 4 Milani Holos from one of my very favorite bloggers, gilded angel of Naive Nails. Hurry ends tonight!
  5. Win a $75 credit to Novica from Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports. Ends 2/20.
  6. Win Lazar's Chocolate from One 2 Try. Ends 2/20.
  7. Win a case of Zevia from the Vegster. Ends 2/20.
  8. Win a $50 credit to N-Fini from Mommy Goggles. Ends 2/21.
  9. Win a Waterpik from Mom's Focus On Cyber World. Ends 2/21.
  10. Win Models Prefer B Bold nail polish collection from You've Got Nail. Ends 2/22.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Glad to follow back! Nice to meet you! I like nail polish but don't do concrete!

  2. omg, BEAUTYFULL :O
    ... I really like your fingers... so tall :)

  3. Hi April and Ashley:

    I love this shade of copper shimmer. Your nails are so beautiful. It's great you take your pictures outside. I love nail polish and there's nothing wrong with concrete. I used to work for a cement company and use a "jack hammer" in my younger days.

    It's so funny because back then I would have never gone near a bottle of nail polish and right after get married for the second time around and painting my (now) ex wife's lovely toenails I can't get enough of the polish, LOL

    I think this shade would look good on my toes but I never thought Wet n' Wild nail products were that good. I mean the price is so low and they produce a nice shimmer, even with three coats, amazing! If you don't mind telling, "what type of top coat do you use for your beautiful manicure?" Have you ever used OPI's or Sephora's Fast Drying Naiol Polish Drops? I love them because after the last top coat, the drops seal all the base coat, color coats, and the drops just go on each nail and it dries real fast. Unlike other top coats where you use a brush, and if the nailk polish is not completely dry, you may have brush strokes. After five minutes you can use your favorite top coat over the drops. Just a thought. Love your web blog.

    ((((Love Anne and Ashley))))

    Mc Huggs :)


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