Maybelline Mattes: Blue, Rose, Grey, & Stone

I've had lots of fun & frustration with all of my Dollar Store Maybellines. Khaki Fringe made it into my top 5 favorites, Matte Sapphire is lovely but others have just been a pain to work with. Here are 4 of the Maybelline Matte series. The first two are big losers but I LOVE the last two.

UGH! These are NOT self leveling. They were so gloopy that the polish just made little brushstroke mountains. Those are not my nail ridges but just evidence of how thick this stuff was. I didn't like the color of either of these enough to bother with trying to make them work for me. Steph's Closet has lots of great pictures of some other Maybelline Mattes with topcoat if you're interested.

Now onto Matte Rose & Matte Blue which I think are gorgeous. I had been meaning to pick up a bottle of thinner for some time now. These two colors finally sent me to Sally's and the results were worth it. I added 2 or 3 drops to each of these before I applied them and it helped a lot!

I'm not usually interested in reds of any kind for my nails. Matte Rose made the jump into my regular rotation though. This is a gorgeous color but not really rose in my opinion. I think of rose as a dark, dusty pink & this is more of a dusty burgundy. 3 coats. I used a topcoat on my ring & pinkie.

Matte Blue is fairly unique in my opinion. Dusty, sky blue with shimmer. I love it. This is 3 coats.

Overall, at $1 a bottle these are totally worth it! All 4 of them work great with Konad which means that even the Grey and Stone are worth there $1 price tag.

I am putting together a giveaway soon and Maybelline Matte Rose & Matte Blue will be two of the 10 polishes I'll be offering as a prize! There will also be something from MAC & a Kevin Aucoin lipstick.

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