My First Franken - Muddy Waters

This was so fun! I have been setting aside polishes that I don't work for me in anticipation of a day of mixing them up to see what happens. Here's my first attempt and I'm pretty pleased with result. I mixed this turquoise shimmer with Sinful Big Daddy. I knew these were complimentary colors so they would probably make a brown, but I didn't anticipate such an interesting result. I decided to name it Muddy Waters. This ended up being a nice dark mushroom color with a strong turquoise shimmery flash. I certainly don't have anything even close to this in my little collection. I think you could achieve a similar result by mixing any two complimentary colors. Maybe a yellow creme with a purple shimmer would give you a mushroom with purple flash. Green shimmer & a red creme might make a mushroom with green shimmer. Get out your unwanteds and start mixing up some mushroom shimmers! Let me know if you try it out!
Here is my second Valentine's manicure. I used Muddy Waters as a base and my Migi Nail Art Pens for the hearts. I got the idea from Steph at Nail Juice. I call my version Valentine's Day Blues.

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Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. So cool! I might need to borrow that color. I guess I shouldn't enter your contest, being the third sister and all, but maybe Aaron could?

  2. That look great and the name is really spot on :D

  3. Nice franken, cool name for it too! Contest at Lacquered Lizard ends on Feb 26 midnight of the last time zone in the world! LOL

  4. april, i LOVE this color! its like opposites attract :) i would LOVE to buy this off you u lol


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