February 16, 2010

Sinful San Francisco & Mardi Gras Nails

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This is 2 coats of Sinful San Francisco. I could have used a third coat but I knew I was just doing this as the base for my Mardi Gras nails so I left it at two. Very pretty emerald shimmer/glitter but not a color I will be wearing regularly. I'll probably keep it around for holiday nails unless I can find a one coat green shimmer.

This manicure looked so much cooler in my brain! It turned out ok but it was such a pain in the ass that I kind of hated it before I even finished. I love Lacquer Laine's swoop manicures and thought the technique would look great with traditional Mardi Gras colors. I was defeated by my rather small stash. I don't have any one coat golds or greens! I just painted my nails green with Sinful San Francisco and then tried to freehand the gold with the brush part of my gold Migi Nail Art polish. It wasn't opaque so I had to go over it again and I made a mess! The gold started building up a yucky ridge before I figured out that i could paint the gold all the way to the ends of my nails instead of just trying to keep it in a narrow stripe. Next time I try this I need one coat wonders or some masking tape! Oh well, lesson learned. I used Sinful Let's Talk for the purple.

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  1. I like it. I think it looks great! I can't think of a single Sinful color that I have that is a one coater, but it still came out great! I want to try this one.

  2. i loooooooove this mardi gras manicure !!

  3. What a great take on the swoop! Perfect for Mardi Gras....what if you went over the gold with a chunky glitter? Would that help disguise the "hump"? Just a thought...I am always thinking of ways to fix my manis! LOL!


  4. I love it. It looks good on your nails! But I like the plain green better. Two thumbs up!

  5. .. cool Mani! I would not have the patience ... :(

    I love the green polish!!!