Sation Midtown Haze

Sation Midtown Haze is a super dark red wine jelly that never looks black! It's kind of streaky & probably nothing unique, but I love it!! I hardly have any nudes or pinks or reds! This is 2 coats, easy application. The first picture was taken outside. The others were taken inside with my new studio background and lights.
I can't believe those are my nails! I NEVER thought I would have nice, longish nails. The background is one of my textured concrete stepping stones! Isn't it cool!

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  1. Love that polish! Very vampy!
    And your stepping stone is gorgeous too!

  2. Wow, your nails look awesome and so does that polish! I just had to file all of mine down - broke my heart, they were getting to be my favorite length, too, but I broke four in one week, so I knew it was time.

  3. Thanks for the nice comments ladies! Sorry you broke your nails Nicole!


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