80's Prom Fashion Show Nails or What I Did Friday Night!

My friends Lynn & Robbo put on a huge 80's Prom in Tulsa every year and this time they asked me to be in the fashion show. I'm not a big fan of the 80's as a whole, but I love Lynn & Robbo, so I agreed. It ended up being super fun! The fashion show had 4 segments based on 80's movies. Mannequin, Labyrinth, Say Anything & Lost Boys. I got to be a vampire! Yay! My outfit was over the top as you can see below and I decided to do my nails to match the stripes.

I used American Apparel Cotton & Hassid and a tip I picked up from one of my new favorite blogs, Blue Tape & Nail Tips!! I was in a hurry and nervous about how the night would go, so I wasn't very careful, but they looked great anyway. I cut strips of blue painters tape into fairly uniform strips that I then applied to my nails after the Cotton had dried. Then I just used Hassid for the black stripes. Super simple! You really have to go check out Blue Tape & Nail Tips if you haven't already. Look at her Easter nails!
I love getting dressed up! I had a great time and even got nominated Prom Queen!
Tonight's the last night to enter my Point Blank Design Print Giveaway! Here's her fantastic Dracula print!

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  1. Oh how fun and the mani is pretty cool too!

  2. I would love to see a photo of your full outfit! It looks pretty neat from the side! Your nails looked rockin'! :D

  3. Ahhh, I LOVE your outfit! Looks awesome and the nails look great with it. I'm with Skulda, I'd like a better view of it - and those hose, LOVE!! It sounds like fun.

  4. Awesome mani! That looked like a blast!

  5. looks amazing! you look like awesome girls to party with :D

  6. I am loving those nails. Great idea and it looked like great fun.


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