Zoya Gaia: My #1 Favorite Nail Polish & Spexton Jewelry That I Won!

I'm sure many of you won't understand why Zoya Gaia is my #1 favorite but I'll try to explain. I took tons of pictures yet I still don't think I managed to truly capture the beauty of Gaia. The first photo was taken early in the day and the rest right at sunset.
Zoya Gaia is a soft white with a drop dead gorgeous gold microshimmer. I used four coats here, which is more than I normally like, but this one is well worth the effort! It's a little sheer, which I don't usually find appealing, but it somehow creates a subtle french manicure look.
It looks great with every outfit! It makes me feel fresh and clean and healthy! If I could only wear one nail polish for the rest of time I would choose Zoya Gaia without a second thought! Don't get me wrong, I love greens and blues and all sorts of crazy nails, but when you ask me to choose a favorite, I think about how wearable my options are, and this wins hands down.

I won this amazing ring from Chic Galleria & Spexton Jewelry! It's my first and only diamond! Here's a link to the ring I chose.
All of Spexton's pieces are made by fellow Tulsans, Greg & Nate and have been worn by many celebrity's! You can see pictures on their Facebook. They are supremely talented and I wish them much future success!!!

I love the suggestions you ladies have been giving for the Point Blank Design Giveaway! Really great ideas! You still have a couple of days to enter if you haven't yet done so!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love Gaia too! It's one of my favorite Zoyas.

  2. It's so refreshing to see that a polish as light in color as Gaia can be so well received. It does seem like most nail polish bloggers prefer darker colors, or more unusual ones like green shades (instead of pink/red). This shade looks so lovely on you, and the way you have described it really makes me want to go out and buy it!

  3. Gorgeous shade on you! Hope to get my hands on one of Zoyas soon:)

  4. So pretty - that's my kind of color too.....

    I'm having a peacock accessories giveaway - try your luck!


  5. hi
    i see you're a new follower but you are not suscribe for the giveaway :)
    if you 're intested !!

  6. That is such a subtle and great shade! :)

  7. Hi:

    I am just curious if this Zoya white polish could be used as a base coat for painting over the white? I have heard that using a white base coat allows the colored polish to look more dazzling than with using a clear coat.

    I almost never wear white polish on my toes and paint them with many different colors.

    Love your web blog and I am a big fan. Your nails are always so gorgeous looking.


    Mc Huggs :)


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