Dark Divine Nail Polish

I won this bottle from the lovely Andrea of So Many Books, So Little Time. I have always been a voracious reader. I've worked in bookstores and libraries and I rarely leave the house without a book. You never know when things might get boring. Thanks again Andrea for your contribution to the book blogger world!

I'm not a pink kind of girl in general. The closest thing I have to pink in my polish collection right now is Sinful Dream On & Sinful Vacation Time. I suppose Dark Divine isn't really that pink either. More of a pinkish-purple? I LOVE this color on me! Too bad this is a mini bottle that was made to promote a young adult novel. Can't buy it anywhere!
It turns out this polish is just a shade brighter than some of the packaging of a very popular nail polish remover. Here's a picture for comparison.

Does anyone know of a good dupe for this? I would love to have one!


  1. I was never really a pink kind of girl but it's slowly been growing on me in the last couple months. That's a very pretty color!!

  2. I'm sorry, I don't know a dupe, but that looks fabulous on you! :) And I love your comparison to the sally np remover bottle. lol


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