Weekly Giveaway Roundup

I love giveaways. Each week I'll post giveaways that I think are awesome! I'm trying to catch any giveaway that has nail polish & I always post them on the Monday before they close. I figure some publicity towards the end of the entry period is a good idea, so don't worry that I've forgotten yours if I don't post it immediately! On the other hand, I know that I will occasionally miss a giveaway or two. If I miss yours, please know that it was accidental and nothing personal.

Nail Polish & More
Confessions of a Polisholic is giving away 3 nail polishes and more! Ends 4/20.

Nail Swatches (Daph's Nails) is giving away 8 Lizzie Foxy Fingers polishes! Ends 4/20.

For the Love of Nails is giving away 5 nail polishes! Ends 4/20.

Beauty Snob is giving away a set of 12 Beautiful Nail Lacquers and much more! Ends 4/21.

Susie's Home & Hobbies is giving away 11 nail polishes! Ends 4/21.

Juicygirl is giving away lots of pink beauty supplies including a Model's Own polish. Ends 4/22.

Inside of My Purse is giving away 21 nail polishes, Konad plates and jewelry!! Ends 4/23.

Claire's Nail Art is giving away China Glaze Pool Party and Yellow Dot Bikini! Ends 4/24.

Get Nailed is giving away 11 nail polishes! Ends 4/24.

Magic Maid is giving away 10 nail polishes including some HTFs! Ends 4/25.

Let Them Wear Gloss is giving away 2 OPIs & more! Ends 4/26.

All Things Beauty with Skye is giving away a set of BYS Cracked polish! I want these soooo bad! Ends 4/27.

Nail Art Contests
Beautopia is having a nail art contest! Ends 4/30.

Makeup & Skincare
Etsy Russian Team is giving away 6 body butters! Ends 4/21.

Clothes, Jewelry, Bags & Shoes
The Funky Monkey is giving away a $50 gift card to Lulu's (cool clothes and shoes and accessories)! Ends 4/21.

Brookestyle, 365 is giving away a lovely leggings & tights prize package! This is a really generous giveaway! Ends 4/22.

Rikrak is giving away a broken plate necklace! Ends 4/23.

Ohio Girl Talks is giving away an amazing ring from Renaissance Fine Jewelry. I love the Tension Ring! Ends 4/24.

Purple Pink and Orange is giving away a pocket mirror & handbag. These are really cute! Ends 4/24.

Chocolate & Other Goodies
On the Search for Hidden Treasure is giving away a Kim's Cookie Couture sampler box! Ends 4/22.

Things For Your House
Rikrak is giving away a gorgeous handmade rag rug! Ends 4/22.

Modish is giving away 4 prize packages of earth-friendly handmade goods worth $400 each from Cosa Verde! Ends 4/22.

I'm giving away Organic Cotton Rounds! Ends 4/27.

Please feel free to post your giveaways in the comments of the Weekly Giveaway Roundup posts! Let's keep them all on these posts and not on regular posts.
Thanks for reading!


  1. I have the cure for the "Summertime Blues" giveaway going on right now!!!


  2. I am giving away four nail polishes and 3 lip balms in honor of my birthday!


    Make sure to leave one separate comment per entry (some people did not do this!!)

  3. Several at http://www.tothemotherhood.com / http://thebeautycounter.blogspot.com and http://fashionfling.blogspot.com ~ thanks!

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