American Apparel Cotton & An American Apparel Water Marble

American Apparel sent me four of their polishes to try out.The colors from left to right are Poppy, Cotton, Manila & Hassid.

I LOVE the bottle shape! I wish flat & rectangular was the standard shape for nail polish bottles. They just stack up so nicely!

While these are not the colors I would have chosen for myself, I immediately thought that the colors looked gorgeous together.

I decided to try Cotton first. It's a soft white creme finish; the color of a nice cold glass of whole milk. This never has that stark, 'I painted my nails with white-out' look.
Cotton looks fantabulous with my skin tone! I ended up wearing it for 5 days!! I usually change my polish every day or two, but this was so nice and went with every outfit. I thought I would just leave it so I could tell you how well it lasted. I took all of these photos on day 5 and there is some minor tipwear, but NO chipping.
This took three coats and I was a little worried when I applied the first very streaky coat. The formula was a little thick so I added a couple of drops of thinner. That fixed the formula right up. I think I can do just two coats next time.

Like I said, I think the colors that American Apparel sent me look great together, so I thought I would try some nail art. I got the idea for the three stripes from this great Lacquer Laine post. I just did one nail and I didn't do nearly as nice of a job as she did, but I think her technique is very doable with a little practice. I love the result.

I also decided to try out my first water marble! I have read that the American Apparel Nail Polish line is very pigmented, so I thought they would work well for this technique. I used dixie cups and one drop each of Poppy, Manila, & Hassid for each nail. This was super easy and the result is so awesome that I can't believe I did this all by myself!

This nail is my personal favorite.

I had so much fun playing with these polishes. What do you ladies think of the American Apparel line so far? I'll be posting Poppy in a few days and tell you more of my thoughts on The American Apparel brand soon.

Thanks for reading!

Disclosure: I was provided a product sample by American Apparel. This in no way affects my opinions of the product. For more information read my Disclosure Policy.


  1. Wow! That's awesome! I wanna try these now!

  2. I like the bottle shape too! And they've got many more lovely shades, too bad it's not available around here!

  3. That marbling looks awesome! I need to learn to do this.

  4. OK, where do I start? lol. First of all, I am insanely jealous that AA sent you these for review! I bought three shades and I'm saving my pennies for more (you have GOT to get "Mouse"!). Next, I loooove that Manila was inspired by the color of manila envelopes! And lastly, your water marbling is flipping GORGEOUS! The combination of colors you used has got such an awesome '60s Mondrian type vibe. Love love love it! :)

  5. Recessionista that is exactly what I thought when I opened my package. I just needed a blue to complete Piet Mondrian's famous color palette!

  6. WOW, that was your first water marble?!? that is awesome!! I like your pinky and ring fingers best - but they all look so great. The colors are awesome and have a fun, retro feel to them too. Can't wait to see your second water marble if this is how amazing your first looked!

  7. LOVE! You did such a fantastic job!! One day I'll give water marbling a shot.

  8. It looks like artwork as opposed to polish thrown in water LOL. Love it!!


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