Link to a list of weird color names with photos.

I love this link! Can you ladies come up with a polish to go with each of the colors? Our collection is not nearly large enough to do so yet. Malachite, Gamboge, Fallow, Razzmatazz, Falu Red, Arsenic, Feldgrau, United Nations Blue, Xanadu, & Caput Mortuum. Such great names and the post tells the history of each color. Please feel free to steal this link and do a post with polishes that go with each color. I would love to see them!!!

Thanks for reading.


  1. Great idea! I did a post on it here, but unfortunately I don't have swatches to go with the colors. I have GOT to get a macro lens for my camera, haha.

  2. I love that link!!!
    Makes me want to go dye yarn...what doesn't?


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