OPI Russian Navy Suede With Topcoat & A Giveaway Roundup

I love my OPI Russian Navy Suede! This is 2 coats and a topcoat. I love it with or without a topcoat. Gorgeous! My heart would break if I ever lost the ring in this picture. Without a doubt my favorite material possession. I picked it up in New Orleans several years ago.

There are some really good giveaways in today's roundup. I love blog giveaways because you actually have a pretty good chance of winning! (And you may find yourself some new readers!) Check out the Point Blank Art giveaway (#6) for example. There are only 4 entries at the time of this posting! Go enter and tell me if you win! Also check out #11. You can win an amazing prize pack that includes products from Illamasqua, MAC, Zoya & many more. Anyone who likes traditional tattoo art and handmade awesomeness should check out #15. Only 25 entries so far!

Giveaway Roundup
  1. Win your choice of Flirty Aprons from Evenflo & Two of a Kind. Ends 2/1.
  2. Win 2 pairs of socks of your choice from Ozone Socks & Mommy 2 Two Girls. I love over the knee socks & they have some really unique options! Ends 2/1.
  3. Win a $50 gift certificate to Snapfish from Lipstick to Crayons. Ends 2/1.
  4. Win Cowgirl Chocolates from Mommy Loves Giveaways. They make all sorts of hot & spicy chocolates that I have been wanting to try for well over a year! Ends 2/1.
  5. Win a Slanket from a Mom's Balancing Act. (The word slanket makes me laugh.) Ends 2/1.
  6. Win your choice of prints from Point Blank Art & Nerdlike. You may remember me telling you about Point Blank's prints in my Halloween post. Go enter this one now! There are only a few entries so far. Ends 2/1.
  7. Win your choice of shapewear from DuMi & the Funky Monkey. Ends 2/1.
  8. Win your choice of Flirty Aprons from Silver Savings. Ends 2/2.
  9. Win a Shabby Apple dress from This Mama Rocks. Ends 2/2.
  10. Win Hampton Sun Sunless Tanning Gel from Sweeps4Bloggers. Ends 2/2.
  11. Win a prize package of beauty goodies worth almost $1000 from Krasey Beauty. Ends 2/3.
  12. Win a Kodak Digital Frame from Mommy Goggles. Ends 2/3.
  13. Win your choice of Flirty Aprons from a Little of This and a Little of That. Ends 2/3.
  14. Win a Sodastream from Sweeps4Bloggers. Ends 2/3.
  15. Win a set of articulated paper dolls (these are so cool!) from Illustrated Ink & Tattoo Tales. Ends 2/3.
  16. Win a $50 gift certificate to Sanpfish from Rockin Mama. Ends 2/3.
  17. Win a $25 gift certificate to Good Judy from Handmade Guru. ends 2/3.
  18. Win Cowgirl Chocolates from Fab Find Foodie. Ends 2/3.
  19. Win a CleanRest package (for folks with allergies!) from Emmys Boos ans Rawrs. Ends 2/4.
  20. Win an Air-O-Swiss humidifier from Thanks, Mail Carrier. Ends 2/4.
  21. Win a Parazul handbag from Theta Mom. Ends 2/4.
  22. Win an Adi Bakshi scarf from Fashion Fling. Ends 2/4.
  23. Win a $50 gift certificate to Omaha Steaks from the B Keeps Us Honest. Ends 2/4.
  24. Win a sweater & shirt from Land's End & the B Keeps Us Honest. Ends 2/4.
  25. Win your choice of Swanky Aprons from the Adventures of Paul & Natalie. Ends 2/4.
  26. Win your choice of Flirty Aprons from Rockin Mama. Ends 2/4.
  27. Win a $70 gift certificate to J. Fold from Born 2 Impress. Ends 2/4.
  28. Win a $40 gift certificate to Skindecent and a jar of Manicure in a Minute from Handmade Guru. Ends 2/4.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Ooo, I love it with the topcoat!

  2. So many great giveaways - and I definitely am loving the blue nail polish as well! :)


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